Our company, which has been operating in the construction and furniture sector since 2010, has started its sales at home and abroad by creating the Holzenberg brand on bathroom furniture. By following the trends in the sector, we are working with designers who are experts in their field and we continue to produce in accordance with the needs of users in a closed area of 10000 m2. We are constantly working to change the style of your bathrooms with high-quality raw materials and workmanship in accordance with world standards.


How do we do the production?

First-class quality raw materials carefully selected from MDF, MDF Lam or Plywood materials are produced on the production line by our dedicated and experienced team in the light of pre-designed and prototyped technical knowledge. All of the furniture accessories, wood and ceramic products used are in Turkish and European standards and certified. Our lacquered bathroom cabinets are automatically painted and dried untouched in the state-of-the-art paint line.

Quality control;

All products coming off the production line are first inspected by our quality control team and then packaged with a confirmation label affixed.

How do I access your products?

You can find our products, all of which we work in the form of stock, in selected construction markets located all over Turkey. For our international dealer network, please contact the export department.

How do we help in the import processes?

When you want to import Holzenberg Bathroom Cabinets, all the processes are organized by our export department. When your products are ready, we organize the entire process from loading into the container to customs clearance to the port of destination or to your country and inform you.If you wish, we will also be glad to welcome you to our factory.